Ministry Start Up Ministry Start Up Mawaba Church Please pray for this congregation whose church blew down in a bad storm the week of October 22, 2012. 168498375 Kasenga District Here is the Kasenga District, 5000 sq. kilometers or 1931 sq. miles. Up to now the D.S. could not visit all of his churches, but this month we have sent him a new Yamaha motocycle to make these journeys possible. 168498379 Mama Jane, Missionary All decked out in my official United Methodist Women uniform! 168498374 Building Plans A rough sketch of the new construction, with labeling in French for obtaining bids. 168498378 Church property- old D.S. House The house for the D.S. came down in a storm in 2011. It has been leveled and will become the new site for Jane's home and David's House (ministry center). 168498372 40 ft container Soon my belongings and the supplies for the ministy will be shipping around the world in a container just like this one. 168498373 The Kasenga District is waiting. These children and hundreds more are waiting for our arrival in 2013. Will you help the dream become a reality? 168498376 Roads and Bridges Roads and bridges have been ravaged by war, and need to be repaired in order to be able to travel throughout our district. Your gifts will begin the journey called "hope". 168498377 Luapula River The Luapula River travels along the eastern border of the District between DRC and Zambia. This stretch is especially beautiful behind the Kaluba UM Church. 168498380